Property has great value, is great responsibility and is complex. Therefore, we work to standardize, systematize and digitize where possible, so that we can develop the processes and systems we use to manage, operate and maintain the property in the best possible way.
We will not only assist our customers with individual services. We see the whole picture and not just the individual elements, this is how we can take care of the values ​​we manage, operate and maintain.

Our task is to manage, operate and maintain the values ​​of our customers in a professional manner with high quality.

We follow those of the UN’s sustainability development goals that apply to our industry. We are small enough to be able to provide personal service, but large enough to be professional in what we deliver and have the systems and routines needed to provide professional services.

For us, sustainability is not just about energy consumption or that Semy should be sustainable, but not least that we can manage, operate and maintain the properties of the customers in a sustainable way where technology and digitization are important tools.

When we started as Servicebedriften Myhre AS, the main focus was to be a helping hand for our customers. In the beginning, services on the property such as caretaker and technical services were what we provided. It has always been a overall approach to the property that has been the goal. But the development became more and more that we not only provided a helping hand, but that we also provided knowledge. As part of that process, we changed our name to Semy in 2022 and started by creating a new visual profile that would more clearly represent who we are and which direction we are going.

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